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Our Guarantee
Our Guarantee

Premium-quality materials, a team with over 40 years of combined experience, and a promise.

— We're making customized jeans, tailored and delivered to you. If our jeans don't match your specifications, we'll do our best to fix it. We're here to revolutionize denim, one pair at a time.

OriJeans was made possible by a community of Kickstarter backers.

— We're thankful to our backers and are proud of the commuity that made OriJeans possible. We promise to stay true to our origins: raw, selvedge, denim tailored and delivered.

True to Origins
True to Origins

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Media reviews

  • The facet that makes OriJeans defferent from the other denim brands is that they are strictly made-to-measure. The customers choose their own cut and fabric and then customize this to their choice. They work exclusively with raw selvedge denim.
  • I stumbled upon OriJeans, made-to-order, custom fit jeans. An innovative startup that allows you to fully customize your jeans so they fit like a glove. Literally.

    At just $149, OriJeans makes it possible to have quality tailored jeans at an affordable price.
  • Checkout the new start-up OriJeans for the lazy denim enthusiast among us, an online denim factory who let’s you design your jeans from the comfort of your home.
  • OriJeans is a new denim brand that is aiming to bring affordable made-to-order selvedge denim jeans to the public. seems the jeans market is changing to make way for affordable premium denims.
  • It's a new bespoke denim startup which introduces a new way of purchasing premium bespoke denim jeans.

    We think the OiJeans startup is brill...
  • Use the OriJeans website to take your own measurements and designate the kind of cut, color, fabric, buttons, stitching, and distress elements you want in your jeans.
  • OriJeans is an online denim factory who let you design your jeans from the comfort of your home. For any American denim or Japanese aficionados, OriJeans is made from the best selvedge denim from the U.S. and Japanese mills.
  • These guys will cut and sew a bespoke pair according to your seat type as well as a variety of other easy-to-self-measure dimensions, from your hips to your calves.
  • What sets OriJeans apart is the bespoke elements of their product – that's retail price! How is that even possible? Mike says "We are proud to say that we are bringing high-quality bespoke denim jeans closer to our customers."
  • Made to order in the Ukraine from American & Japanese selvedge, you can tweak almost everything on these jeans, from fit (four options) to the fly closure (zipper or button).
  • The creators of OriJeans wants to deliver a high-quality product for a wholesale price while adding some great customization to make these your “dream jeans”. OriJean’s most alluring attribute of their products are the custom fit option that also comes with it.
  • OriJeans managed to catch our attention due to their dedication of cutting out the middle man and producing hand-crafted denim.

    The new start-up was established by two college friends who decided one day that it was time for a change.
  • Mike's interview : "I’m just crazy about denim. Selvedge denim. Raw selvedge denim.

    It’s hard to describe how this material ages – it’s like nothing else I’ve ever experienced."
  • Start-up OriJeans, is aimed at everyone who appreciates style and quality – and specifically cool jeans made from selvedge denim. Also folks who want a garment that fits them perfectly and don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on it.

Customers reviews

Bernard Portner

I did receive the jeans and am very impressed with the quality of the workmanship and materials. also, congratulations on successfully opening this business. Very impressive.

Matus Halaj

I have received my OriJeans other day.

I was satsified with everything, would recommend OriJeans to everyone. Hopefully I will have a chance to order another pair of jeans in the future. 

Thank you!

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